The robot companion for children

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Winky is our robot companion for children. Not only can Winky be an affective buddy, it also teaches your child the principles and thinking patterns behind coding and robotics.

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Geared for autonomy


A lovely companion

Winky has been designed alongside and for children ages 7-11 to become a lovely companion capable of establishing an emotional bond with every child.


Your robotics coach in AR

Combined with Winky’s captivating character is its ability to teach children the principles of not only coding, but also robotics, through fun games and exercises with a tablet on our app.

Winky Defender

Cooperate with your robot companion by programming its little buddies to win the game.

Winky Way

Understand the purpose of the accelerometer through the Winky Way.

Winky Lab

Free programing to encourage creativity and play for an infinite time.


Expand your imagination

With our patented magnetic connection system, you can plug & play modules for extra functionality and customizations to make Winky what it was always meant to be. Yours.


The possibilities are endless

We are working on a large variety of functional and decorative modular add-ons to give Winky new super powers and make it stand out for any occasion.

Dive into the Winky Universe

A unique storyline series for our little robot companion is in the works to launch later this year. Subscribe to our newsletter and get the preview.

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