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Company History

5 years of existence and still growing

Founded in January 2017, Mainbot develops its first robot Winky. An educational and interactive companion for children aged 6 to 12.


The Winky companion robot is co-developed with over 10,000 families and study labs. It teaches children robotic programming.


Mainbot launches its first crowdfunding campaign on Ulule and Kickstarter.


Winky, the robot designed in France is sold on Amazon, at FNAC, Boulanger, Nature & Découvertes, Cdiscount.

That same year, Mainbot launches
a campaign to raise funds from the general public via the Sowefund platform that will reach 3 million euros.


Winky is sold at Le Bon Marché.

The total amount fundraised by Mainbot during the ICO by the year’s end is 25 M€.


Mainbot develops The Winkyverse, its educational metaverse. This immersive and collaborative video game is intended for the general public: children, adults, and families. In The Winkyverse, players will be able to explore a entirely natural world, where Man, Nature and Ecobots live in harmony.



Mainbot innovates to become the leader in educational entertainment with experiences that include reality, virtuality and imagination.

Our values and commitments

Mainbot is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure that everyone has the knowledge and skills to promote sustainable development by 2030.


Smart content driven by cutting-edge technologies such as AI, robotics, metaverse and blockchain


A subtle learning approach by gamification, interactive projects and teaching by peers.


A fun and dynamic experience in a futuristic, harmonious and inspiring environment.


An inclusive and secure environment, overseen by a chart and an ethic committee.

The management team

Boris Kesler

Boris defines Mainbot’s vision and global strategy Leading the Management and Executive committees, he handles the company’s organizational structure and assumes its strategic and operational leadership.

Anne-Claire Vieux

Anne-Claire ensures the smooth running of operations within Mainbot and the profitability of the company. She ensures the implementation of a global strategy aimed at structuring and optimizing all internal processes in order to ensure the profitability and success of Mainbot.

Ophélie Delienne

Ophélie is in charge of defining and managing the HR strategy and policy (recruitment, career development, training, corporate culture, etc.) in line with Mainbot's strategic and economic challenges.

Olivier Affre

Olivier is responsible for analyzing and managing Mainbot's finances. He is responsible for the reliability and compliance of our accounting, treasury, tax, controlling, auditing, and legal elements, through the implementation of a global financial planning and analysis of the company's financial records.

Nicolas Schoener

Nicolas coordinates our creative team and ensures the consistency of the brand and its universe on all media. With his team, he is also in charge of deciding on future developments and upgrades of the Winky robot and its applications.

Pierre-Yves Thoulon

Pierre-Yves is in charge of technical innovation and deployment of appropriate technologies in the design, development and marketing of Mainbot products and also of the efficiency of our production teams.

Benoît Pourgaton

Benoît is in charge of creating, deploying, and supervising all of Mainbot's marketing and communication activities. Together with his team, he implements strategies and campaigns to increase awareness and adoption of our products.

Fabien Lomet

Fabien's objective is to develop the company's revenues by building an optimal commercial offer and business strategy with all of the company's departments, while supporting our customers' and partners' sales on a daily basis.

Our products

Mainbot innovates to become the leader in educational entertainment with experiences that include
real, virtual and imagination with his robot, metaverse and animated series.

The universe created by Mainbot is at the crossroads of the latest technologies, combining :
An educational robot with 2 mobile applications to learn to code, WinkyCode and to play, WinkyPlay
The Winkyverse, an educational video game metaverse supported by our token, the WNK
An animated series in which Man, Nature and robots live in harmony.

Mainbot innovates to become the leader in educational entertainment with experiences
that include reality, virtuality and imagination with its robot, metaverse and animated series.

The partners

Latest news

Follow the adventures and news of Winky and The Winkyverse!


5 December 2022

Winky at Galeries Lafayette in Paris!

Objective: to start weaving the first logical links between the Winky robot and the metaverse The Winkyverse with the general public


5 December 2022

Discover the universe of the robot Winky in The Winkyverse

Discover the first educational metaverse in The Winkyverse trailer

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