First land sale: thank you!


The first private sale of lands in The Winkyverse was a great success, thanks to the TWV community!
Reserved for the first owners of NFT Winkybot, 828 buyers in 55 countries shared 1,717 lots, which generated WN$ 264,300,000 in revenue.
This first sale is a big step for Mainbot and The Winkyverse. All the teams were mobilised for this major acquisition and communication campaign, during which we were able to present the project to a wider public.
We also had the opportunity to give more details about our game in development, in particular the usefulness of lands and the issues of ownership in the metaverse.

We are very pleased to unveil our cinematic presentation of The Winkyverse! We worked with the studio Puppet Works who accompanied us during the making of this video.
The video perfectly illustrates the promise of The Winkyverse: play, have fun and learn at the same time. You will find some of the elements that make our metaverse special, with the indispensable role of Nature, city-animals, not forgetting the ecobots!
We couldn’t wait to show you this video and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!