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About the company

Founded in 2017, Mainbot’s objective is to create and develop meaningful domestic robots, first for children, and later for the whole family.

Our solution

Mainbot created Winky, an educational programmable robot for children aged 5-12, combining didactic contents and emotional behavior. Winky’s design makes it appealing to the youngest, with its ability to communicate through body language, eye expressions, and “emotional” dialect.

Our values

Customers and profit

The satisfaction of our customers guides our technical and commercial choices; profit is a measure of our contribution to society and the way to develop a stable and strong company.


We operate in the field of robotics, which we believe will be a tool for emancipation and progress.


Our employees benefit from professional development opportunities and share Mainbot´s success.


The organization promotes a work environment that allows everyone to reach their full potential and efficiently contribute to Mainbot’s goals.

The team

The team

The team

Our investors


Founder and CEO
of Aldebaran Robotics


Former Secretary General
of Carrefour


Former Secretary General
of Meccano

École Polytechnique

The prestigious engineering school

Our partners

Stay tuned on social networks
and follow Winky’s story.


Stay tuned on social networks
and follow Winky’s story.

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