Winky at Galeries Lafayette in Paris!


We are extremely proud to be able to present our Christmas window display at Galeries Lafayette. Discovering the theme (“Planet Christmas Tree” this year), making it our own, deciding to create a dragon with a 2-metre wingspan in 3D printing, articulating it, automating it and lighting it up… We didn’t want to do things half-way, and wanted to show the ambition and creativity of our various projects.

We hope that the result will surprise and amaze young and old alike. By the way…Who is this dragoness who watches over her little Winkys?
Its name is Pachamama and refers to the Earth-goddess in some ancestral cultures, notably the Inca. This is an opportunity to introduce this key character from The Winkyverse, along with this other flagship Mainbot project, and to start linking in people’s minds our Winky robot and the virtual world we are developing.

With this in mind, we mixed Winky robots with our custom-made dragoness in the window, launched simultaneous contests (in physical, scanning the QR Code of the shop window, on Twitter for The Winkyverse and on Instagram for Winky) and ensured that we coordinated the editorial schedules of our various networks to identify ourselves and tell a common story. Stay tuned: many activities and contents are still planned. The adventure continues until 3 January 2023!