TV5MONDE x The Winkyverse


A pioneer in online learning of French as a foreign language (FLE), TV5MONDE is launching its space on The Winkyverse, the first French game-based educational metaverse, developed by Mainbot.


The global French-speaking channel innovates and pursues its objective of discoverability of cultural content and promotion of the French language on Web3. In order to diversify the audiences of its online French language offering, TV5MONDE has co-constructed within this virtual universe a space entirely dedicated to its brand: The TV5MONDE Academy thus serves as a showcase for the digital library, Archibald’s Dictation, French as a foreign language learning tools, or certain flagship programs on the TV5MONDEplus platform.


Known for its Winky robot, an educational robot for children, Mainbot aims to reinvent learning for all with the creation of “the first global educational metaverse The Winkyverse, which offers immersive educational experiences combining E-learning, gaming and Web3”.


The Academies, the first building blocks of The Winkyverse, come in the form of 3D spaces, ideal for everyone, businesses and individuals, to share knowledge, learn or discover information in a fun, immersive and interactive environment.


The TV5MONDE Academy, “Bienvenue en Francophonie”, was launched today on The Winkyverse. It currently includes 5 parts and will eventually evolve and offer new experiences. TV5MONDE is the first media company to integrate The Winkyverse. With this merger, TV5MONDE is further expanding the field of possibilities with a new gateway to the discoverability of French content online, free of charge, anywhere on the planet.


Visitors can now go to The Winkyverse map by clicking on the Grand Academy icon ( to discover the TV5MONDE Academy.


For more information about The Winkyverse: